Dan Sim

RS Builder

rsbuilder terminal screenshot

RS Builder, for lack of a better name, is the static site generator I built to create this website.

This is very much a personal project to scratch my own itch, it’s probably not a website building thing that you want to use

My goal was a simple site generator I could build improve over time that would allow me to use standard html/markdown but save me the grunt work of assembling files and duplicated code.

I’d never written any Rust before, so it’s not an example of good Rust.

I wanted to learn some Rust for this for a few reasons:

It’s a performant, compiled language allows me to add all sorts of future features, especially media transcoding and compression which I would love to do so I can keep full resolution artwork and media on hand, and have the site generator create web-friendly versions.

Conceptually, the barrier to entry is higher with Rust, but because it’s so performant and memory safe by default, I don’t have to be so great at it to get comparatively great results. My code is wildly inefficient, yet it still builds the entire site within a few milliseconds. When it gets slower there are many places I could improve it, probably starting by only rebuilding what needs to be rebuilt.

For my own reference, here’s a 101 on Rust.

RSBuilder on Github