Dan Sim



The original Meadowphysics is a simple yet brilliant music sequencer, originally created as a eurorack module.

Alpha-Cactus had created a faithful [port of meadowphysics](https://github.com/alpha-cactus/meadowphysics) to Lua for monome norns, though did not have the time to continue maintaining the project.

I didn't want to see the sequencer languish. There was new hardware to interface with and a growing list of feature requests, so I took on maintenance of the project.

Through adding features and optimizations I ended up rewriting most of the logic in a more dynamic-scripting style which made more sense to me.

When I took on this work, I had mainly only written javascript and ruby, so the code kind of smells like that. I'm hoping to revisit the code soon with some fresh knowledge from other environments and some new features.

My version of meadowphysics in Lua for monome norns (github).